Rogue CEO Meets With Canadian Political Leadership

Suraj K. Gupta, co-founder, CEO and President of Rogue Insight Capital, had the honour of participating in a series of meetings and events with Canada’s most influential political leaders this past week. The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, 23rd Prime Minister of Canada, and the Honourable Doug Ford, 26th Premier of Ontario, had both travelled to Toronto to celebrate the Hindu festival of Diwali at different events around the city.

​​Suraj had the privilege of greeting the Prime Minister and accompanied him as they participated in prayers and rituals at the Vishnu Mandir in North Toronto, before Trudeau delivered a speech centered around ideals and Canadian multiculturalism.

“There is certainly darkness in the world, there always has been … But what matters most is what we do in the wake of that darkness. Because when we rise above, when we show the world that hate will not triumph, when we show the world we are stronger together, and that we will always choose love, we will prevail.”

During the event, Suraj had a chance to speak with Prime Minister Trudeau on his own personal values, and on how he represents Canada to the rest of the world.​​

“The few years I spent in the USA overlapped with the election of both Prime Minister Trudeau and President Trump, and the contrast between the two leaders could not be starker,” said Suraj after the event. “When I spoke with the Prime Minister, I let him know that, partisan politics aside, many Canadians truly appreciate the values he stands for and represents to the rest of the world.”

Later in the week, Suraj participated in a similar Diwali event at the BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir in Mississauga, where Premier Doug Ford attended as the guest of honour. Suraj escorted Mr. Ford through the beautiful temple, as they showed the Premier their collection and display of over 1600 different food items that had been donated by various families in the area.

​​​​“This display is the largest collection and donation of food anywhere in Canada,” the Mandir administration said. “Every individual family prepared ​​one or two different items, and when it all came together, we had this display of our community’s collectiveness and unity.”

Premier Ford performed a speech at the event, speaking about the strength of the Indo-Canadian community, and met privately with Suraj afterwards.

“We spoke at length about some of his new policies that he is trying to bring in to the province,” said Suraj. “His mindset and motivations are very business-centric, as he truly wants to make life easier for small business owners across Ontario.”

When someone had asked Premier Ford if he thought Suraj could have a future in politics, Mr. Ford quipped back “I would not be a surprised – with a tall, handsome guy like this!”

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