Rogue Co-Founders, Suraj Gupta and Reetu Gupta, meet former President Barack Obama

Suraj Gupta [left] and Reetu Gupta [right] pictured here with former President Barack Obama.

Suraj Gupta, co-founder, CEO and President of Rogue Insight Capital, and Reetu Gupta, co-founder and CSO of Rogue Insight Capital, had the honour of meeting the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, at the Canada 2020 event last week in Toronto. Obama delivered a speech about global citizenship, addressing thousands of people; including politicians, students and journalists, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. In his speech, Obama emphasized the importance of community, advocating for change and society’s need for democracy. President Obama also discussed the importance of the next generation stepping up to address and tackle challenges globally. “It is not enough for us to look backwards and just settle on the traditional recipes of the progressive movement because the world is changing rapidly,” he said. President Obama also painted an optimistic view of the future, and elaborated that the next generation has been given a unique opportunity to make a lasting change in the world. “If you had to choose a moment in history to be born, and you didn’t know ahead of time who you were … you’d choose right now. This moment.” After the event, President Obama met privately with Suraj and Reetu; discussing global leadership and the former president’s legacy empowering individuals from all around the world. The meeting left a lasting impact on both of them. “President Obama will be remembered as one of the most influential individuals in our lifetime. He has inspired so many, and changed the course of history in a multitude of ways. Speaking with him was a transformational experience, and he has inspired us even further to create as much value for the world as possible,” Suraj said after the event. The organization that brought President Obama to Toronto is Canada 2020, a leading independent progressive think tank, founded in 2006 by Thomas Pitfield, Tim Barber and Susan Smith. The organization produces original research, hosts events and most importantly, creates conversations about Canada’s future. With just under 10 events hosted in this year alone, Canada 2020 aims to inspire and educate a community of progressive thinkers.

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