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What Are We Looking For?

Rogue Insight Capital Ltd. invests in entrepreneurs who are looking to change the game.


Our mandate is finding, funding, and coaching great companies from inception to a successful exit.  We mentor and coach the entrepreneurs in whom we invest by providing strategy and structure, offering external contacts, assisting with internal team building, serving on boards, and fundraising.

Companies we invest in must have the following parameters fulfilled:

1) One founder or executive leader who is a female, visible minority, or immigrant

2) A mission that aims to impact society and add value to the company's community

3) Strategic synergies that allow a company's growth trajectory to be larger with us on-board


 We are looking for founding teams who are passionate, driven and dedicated, and we have an agnostic approach when it comes to industries we consider.  We are primarily looking for great people who are the right fit to launch their ideas.

Contact us below if you are interested in learning more.

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