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What Our Companies Say About Us

"As entrepreneurs themselves, they truly understand what it takes to launch a successful business."


About Rogue Insight Capital Ltd.

Rogue Insight Capital is a venture capital and private equity firm that finds visionaries who dare to transform the world around them through unique, innovative businesses.  We help these companies reach their true potential by providing them with funding, mentorship, strategic partnerships and a robust network.  Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand what it takes to build a successful company.  As a subsidiary of the Easton's Group and the Gupta Group, Canada's largest private hotel developer and residential condominium builder, we are able to offer significant resources that allow burgeoning companies to spread their wings. 

Our primary mandates include investing in female, immigrant, and visible minority founders, as well as companies that are making a social impact on their community. We have had a very successful tenure, with a portfolio that includes Robinhood, Drop Technologies,, Andela, and Borrowell, alongside several exits and realized IRRs of up to 9,000% on our investments.


With investments across six continents to date, we are actively searching for the world's next great businesses.  Contact us for more information.

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